Mango Chilli Sauce Wings


It’s been so long but you all know how stubborn I can be so please welcome me back 🙂

I love mangoes, as smoothies, juice and as a marinade. oh I moved into a new house with a mango tree at the yard so I am officially a mango fanatic. Will tell you about moving later because we got our domain and we will be moving too …yayyyy!!  (Butt dance)

Try this simple Mango Chilli sauce, that pairs well with most protein , but its here with baked wings and some authentic Jollof. My partner loves it when I say authentic Jollof, my business partner I mean.

ok Jay, get straight to the point, this mango chilli sauce is super simple and flavourful.


2 medium sized mangoes

An onion bulb


Lemon juice

Seasoning of choice (Dawafoods All purpose for me)

Red fresh pepper

Baked wings or protein of choice.



Blend all ingredients except oil and seasoning



Cook all puree in the 1tsp oil, add salt and seasoning  for 5mins

Mix puree with baked wings and serve with authentic Jollof 🙂




Don’t miss me too much, I will be back

xoxo, Jay


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