Shut up and gulp! Celery


I told you we are going to be smoothie buddies….Debra-Jane says hi too.

I have never liked the smell of celery. In my head, celery should have been a herb or spice. It smells like an accompainment to garlic or onion. Celery should be used to spice chicken or fish but of course, it doesnt even grow in my side of town.


The above rant is just me finding all sorts of reasons not to drink my juice cum smoothie.

I made something to drink with celery and i am having such a hard time drinking…Debra -Jane, where are you???

I got these stalks from shoprite, they are expensive so use them wisely.


3 stalks of celery

11/2 cup melon and carrot juice

1 squeezed fresh orange


Oh i usually get my juices from Go Fresh  or passion and dream both at spintex ( what if i move? 😢😢)


Blend away and chill to drink


I am not sure if you will thank me on the taste but its good for your body 😍😍 wait, it was actually good, had litle bits of the celery in it to chew and the juice was quite tasty…i thumb it.


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