Indomie Egg Stir Fry

I am not a huge fan of indomie, but the few times I ate it, I realized I prefer it dry like the consistency of fried rice and not with all the sardine and bake beans people prepare it with.

When I make and eat indomie, it really means there is nothing else in my fridge, absolutely nothing.

I made this egg stir fry and I did enjoy it and I really hope you do too, after all we can’t waste several minutes of our time on badly cooked indomie 😂😂😂😂😂

If you are not an indomie fan like me,try this you will actually like this. It. Simple, not too spicy and not soggy!!!

Ingredients ( serves 2)

2 packs indomie cooked

2 medium sized eggs

2 medium sized chopped carrots

1 medium sized chopped green pepper

1/4 diced onions

2 cloves minced garlic

Frying oil

1 Maggi bouillon (adjust to suit taste)

Drops of Worcester sauce ( you can use soy sauce)

1/4 tsb of dry red pepper ( you can add chopped fresh pepper)


Heat your oil an pour in your eggs, stir to make scrambled eggs

Pour into the eggs, your garlic, onion, red powdered pepper, carrot and green pepper

Season with your Maggi cube and your worchestire sauce. Stir until vegetable are soft

Pour in your cooked indomie and stir till combined. Let it cook a bit to et some crunchiness.

Serve and eat with shito not sauce of your choice, and thank me later 😂😂

Oh if you dont know indomie, don’t panic. It’s jut a noddle brand. This is not a sponsored post


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Efuarmstrong says:

    lol this is not a sponsored post; its low key advertisement however…you should have Mukaase Chic Noodles like Delay Mackerel lol

    1. mukasechic says:

      Hahahahhha, thanks such a great idea though

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