I am so ashamed of myself, yes I know I have apologized a couple of times but this time, I really mean it.

This is my first 2015 post and definitely not the last. After I lost my phone and camera, it’s been hard to keep up.

So #fitfam is trending and for the wrong and right reasons. Most people want to be healthy these days which is good but social media allows people to jogg for a minute , take pictures of someone’s plate of salad and #fitfam. Oh, please don’t say yes, you also do it. 

But truly, keeping fit should actually be second on our goals , first is knowing God, somebody say ‘Amen’ (back to focus, Jay) being fit is a great present to ourselves, having stamina is the best form your body can be in. But please don’t go to the gym and come home to four balls of kenkey and one small fish. 🙈 . We must eat right, we must learn to have a balance between carbohydrates, proteins and others (I don’t remember them). 

Excercise!!!! Excercise is a lifestyle and recently ‘fashion’ on social media. People film themselves walking to their car and #fitfam. My friend, it is not excercise until you feel like God is testing you (quote by Sharon Mills)

I have joined the obolo movement to eat and excercise, so go on to Instagram and follow (obolo diaries), you will thank me later. It’s an account by a gentleman who documents his efforts in an attempt to get fit, it’s relatable and real. Well, truthfully I have only one reason for joining, to squat and get buttocks like Joselyn Dumas and I am serious!!, she knows it, ask @thinkmahogany

I wrote all this to tell you eat right and excercise, now that’s a killer comeback!! ( how daft!) 😏😏😏 

 This is a picture of Kontomire frittata I made days ago, I will talk about eating right and spending less soon.  xxx


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