Baked Eggs


Baked eggs have gradually become one of my favorite things, well because I do not have to stand by it to fry…hahaha…no, that’s not true. I always knew the recipe but really never thought it was worthy enough to share until I posted it to instagram and people wanted to try it …. It’s such a free spirited recipe that you can add anything you want in your regular egg….the only difference is, it’s BAKED!! So here you go


Serves                     1 person

Prep time                 3 minutes

Cook time                 2 minutes or more

Total time                 5 minutes

Meal                           Breakfast


2 medium sized eggs

1 tsp. olive oil /cooking oil (For frying pan or brushing muffin tins)

Minced onions

4 fresh basil

Pinch of salt

2 whole cherry tomatoes (You can use normal tomatoes)

½ tsp. crushed white and black pepper

½ red pepper for y Ghanaian palette


Cracks eggs into frying pan with oil (You can use a ramekin)

Lay basil leaves and tomatoes on top

Sprinkle with peppers and salt

Bake eggs at 180 degrees

For 2 minutes or more depending on how you want your eggs



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