I am back!

I am Backkkkk…………

Hi guys, I bow my head in shame and plead with you to forgive me. I have been a lazy friend, sister, acquaintance and blogger. I have no explanations or excuse. I am on my knees, please forgive me.

To a new reader, do not pity me, I deserve it! I deserted these lovely people for far too long but now, I am back to stay and for good!

Over my unnecessary leave, I have been quite involved in a new number of projects…whoop whoop, so you see, I was not just lazying about.

I am sure most of you know about my newest baby, Cooking in Heels. Ok, so if you don’t know, CIH, as I call it, is a new cooking show I have with Kim of Kimberry. Kim is the CEO of Kimberry in Accra, Ghana and makes some of the most amazing, tongue melting deserts and cakes. She and I decided to come together and form CIH. CIH currently has a relatively huge social media presence and would be telecast on TV and Youtube… and like we usually say….COMING SOON.


Oh I forgot to tell you guys that I also quit my day job to focus on the restaurant, ohhhh yess!, I know you are surprised, I didn’t tell you I own a restaurant. Yes I do, years ago, I rented a tiny little garage and turned it into a tiny cute restaurant. This year, we are planning to do some major changes, call me about that, for those who have my number, please do not!

Enough about me, tell me what you have been up to and let’s get chatting again. Have you been cooking some yummy food, did you locate an amazing restaurant you would like me to check out? Did you break out with your boyfriend? Oh am sorry.

I sincerely do apologise for the break and now, I am back to give you simple yummilious recipes….most of it authentically African….Enjoy


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