Tuesday Delight: Sarah tries my Banana Cake

So one of my very beautiful bestie, Sarah Mills(love her to bits) who is currently in Dubai sends me an email that she is going to try my Banana Condensed milk cake. I am not very worried because I know she can, she’s the best person to strictly follow a recipe unlike me. šŸ™‚

Anyway she did try and loved it! I am so glad it came out well, its humbling to get such feedback, so in her own words I present Tuesday Delight with SARAH MILLS

Lovely turn out......
Lovely turn out……

“So I didn’t have school yesterday and I so wanted a break from case reading and bonding with Excel.
My only other options were exercise, TED videos viewing and reading.

I chose to do something different: bake. So I went to my girl Shella’s and she and I tried out Jay’s banana cake recipe.

It was such a fun thing to do. Easy to make and within 45 minutes (prep time inclusive) We had filled the whole apartment with smells of decadence.

It turned out really well. And it was so tasty too!

Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Looking forward to more”

Oh and this is Sarah, such a beauty. I told u!

Pic by Momento taken off Sarah's face book page
Pic by Momento taken off Sarah’s face book page



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