Julia, Julie and Jay


Some months ago, I came across a trailer of a movie produced in 2002 titled Julia & Julie. I loved the movie from the word go, I looked for it everywhere and even asked my colleague to try and find/download it for me

For months, I searched the internet and never found the full movie until this morning when Marie my friend and colleague handed it to me. I was over whelmed, I stopped all I was doing at the office to watch it. I borrowed an ear phone to fade out all unnecessary noise; even my boss couldn’t stop me from watching it.

The movie centers on Julie, a modern young wife who is bored of her job and the ranting’s of her successful friends and with the advice from her overly supportive husband starts a cooking blog. Her mission is to cook all 524 recipes in 365 days from the cookbook of the cooking legend JULIA CHILD.

Julie after the 365 days ...
Julia in her days found her love for cooking in Paris when she went there to visit her husband, in order to curb her boredom, Julia enrolled in a cooking school and the rest was history

Julia Child beating the men in class
Julia Child beating the men in class

The beautiful thing about the movie is that both characters are not professional chefs but their love for cooking is awesome and admirable. I would love to cook for my friends to have that sunny bright face after the first bite, to cook for my boyfriend, a special meal and desert because it is Tuesday, everyone deserves a great cooking experience…..

Julia and her amazing husband...Julia is played by the World's best actress Meryl Streep
Julia and her amazing husband…Julia is played by the World’s best actress Meryl Streep

The real Julia ...RIP
The real Julia …RIP

After watching the movie, I figured I need a challenge ….a fun challenge, so I present to you the


Over the next months, I would try to cook a dish every weekend. This recipe could be African or continental, this could be a cake, a main meal, a side dish or a dessert.

This I would do with your help, send me some recipes from your towns, your countries, some you just know or just heard about….This is going to be my beautiful challenge….JOIN ME

Please send all recipes to jo_gyebi@yahoo.co.uk or jaygyebi@gmail.com


4 Comments Add yours

  1. rhita says:

    excellent piece.

    1. mukasechic says:

      Thank You Riri, so excited to know you read my blog, yayyyy!

  2. I loved this movie! Totally captures the essence of what it means to actually love food…Meryl Streep was awesome as usual.

    1. mukasechic says:

      Exactly how I felt, the movie encouraged me to thrive on to learn new things with or without education on culinary. See you when you come through and do send me your instagram name so I can ff back

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