Mukase Chic in Glitz Magazine

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Glitz Africa Magazine is Africa’s most rising magazine….deal with it if you think otherwise

When i was asked by the editor in chief, stylish Ms Claudia aka Ms C to submit a food feature, i was excited beyond compare. Apart from the fact that, it was going to be my first feature, it was a great opportunity.

Ms C wanted a fresh recipe that was healthy and greeny at the same time…i checked websites and food blogs for inspiration, and that inspiration came from the LOVE of my life, Abla Nelson aka Nicki’s mum (i am sure you know whom Nicki is)

Abla sent me a mini recipe book and took her time to choose and tag what she thought would give me inspiration, awww i was in LOVE all over again……..

I settled on a salmon dish but with wat???

I decided on adding Couscous as an accompainment , going ingerdient shooping was not too hard, i went over to Koala( a supermarket) to get my characters( that is what i call ingredients, like in a movie)

It was hard getting fresh salmon but well after almost turning the fridge over, i did and picked some sesame seeds, greens and carrot and i found a box of yellow perfumed couscous, then i knew my sweat was over.

I love to cook at Abla’s place, well because my kitchen is still not ready. But that night the ECG switchon man decided to take the electricity there to his girlfriend’s area so there was light but i had to submit the next day because Ms C had to go to print.

I cooked with my phone light and Nicki did an awesome job

Enjoy the pages of the magazine…..Recipe would be posted next week, i am so excited to see myself in Glitz, trust me and its nice been in the same magazine as Tonto Dikeh aka Poko

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