Celebrity Taste




i earlier posted some pictures of my fav girls and called them CELEBRITIES! yes they are , they are independent women making it large……….(large? wat an interesting choice of word)

Most of my girls are very hardworking……………extremely i must say.

One major characteristic amongst my girls is that ………they do not joke with their FOOD! and i love that about them.

I would take my time and tell you a bit about the people i love



She is sweet  and mummy like.  Ayesua loves kids and kinna owns a school(yes , dont mind her) She would do any “creamy anything” that looks like cake. Aye as we affectionately call her is an expert jollof maker.

Give her some pieces of baked or fried chicken wings with kenkey and she would love you like she loves Martin.
































Debb appreciates food and i love that about her. If she wants to eat , she eats! Debb has an international tougue. i always say that she is like me, willing to try anything, we both love “muslim” foods.

Debbie is a burkina drinker, she says burkina is made from fresh milk and millet. If meat was human, debbs would have married him.


Frost Skinny Ass chic,  ( sorry to her husband,lol) Miss P loves food but she only really eat what she likes. Pee doesnt waste her time on meals she doesnt like. She is fast and wants no delays. She always orders her food before time.  Shes like a machine gun……….no wasting time I have always wondered why one of her favourite is Potatoe chips, she can eat a whole bag of fried potatoe chips and chicken and not gain a dot of weight.Lately i figured she loves Shebrews Yam balls and grilled chicken, even though i have decided to teach her the recipe, i would leave a step so she can continue buying from me.

To be continued………………….got to go back to work, my boss is coming my way 🙂


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