Orange 26

hi Luvies 🙂

i know i have been naughty lately…….pls dont blame me, been busy with a new job and all.

I just turned 26 and Debbie and Frost (aka Tyra) decided to take me to an orange themed dinner.

Hehehe it was really a touch of orange  with debbie with her cute orange flower in  her blonde hair and Tyra with her cute orange loafers.

Find below pics of the Pre event dinner ( ohh we know how to have fun huh!) present were Tyra, Frimpy frimps and the Lebanese Debbie……….oh and Boo joined us later

Real bday dinner pics coming up…………awesome

Frimps Guinness Burger
My mini burger
Beef, fish and chicken 🙂 i didnt eat all that, i shared with Tyra and her boo
Debbie cocktail…………Drunkard hehehe ( she would kill me for this)
My bday cake………Thanks Debs 🙂
E.L & I

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