oh Fish!……………Love me

Today has not been awesome…………

Bad Migraine and staring at numbers…………..which i hate

I need to be pampered and my feet rubbed with coconut oil with sweet scented candles lighted in a distance

Oh Fish……….love me love me love me

Am staring at my lifeless fish and i am wondering ohhhh hes dead(yes i assume  its male)

Dear Fish,

I am sorry you are dead.

I didnt kill you, you were dead before i found you

I know i should have saved you but i was too late.

I only soaked you in milk to make your skin soft and nice

A bit of butter and spice to waken your senses wherever you going and Miss Potatoe asked to go with you so you are not lonely.

Am sorry Fish, i would miss you



Steamed Fish


Boiled Potatoe






Chopped Onions

Olive Oil

Black/white Pepper

Powdered pepper


Poach your fish in milk for 5 minutes

Steam you fish and flake it with a fork  and set aside

Use the milk from the fish and a teaspoon of butter to mash  your boiled potatoe

When mashed set aside

Fry your onions with a teaspoon butter and olive oil

Combine your flaked fish, mashed potatoe, Butter fried onions, Black and white pepper, powdered pepper and spices

When mis thoroughly roll to a desired shape

Roll shape in white flour, whisk egg and coat with breadcrumbs

Heat oil and fry till golden brown

Oh Fish , See i made you look A-mazing

See ya 🙂

This is a Fish Potatoe Cake


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mimizy says:

    great job Jay! Keep it up…a great way for me to find new ideas for the Ghanaian foods i love soo much! muaaaaah!!!

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