Nkate Konto with Koobi

I come from Ghana where our favourite colors are Red, Gold and Green and where Sarkodie comes from (BET International African Act winner 2012), gosh i cant help but have bragging rights

“God bless my homeland Ghana”

Since i started this blog, i have been trying recipes from all over, so this week, i decided to give Nicki a treat. Traditional is good and when i think traditional i think about my grandma’s yam eto, my aunty Vida’s green akrantie soup(Bush meat soup) or fufu with abenkwan (Palm nut soup)

Ladies and gentlemen i introduce………………. Nkati Konto stew with Koobi

Nkati is peanut butter in my local language(twi) and konto which is spinach with overly salted fish (Koobi)……………..this combination is a delicacy and is highly treasured.

Prep time for this meal is pretty fast and can be cooked in minutes. All ingredients are mostly fresh which makes the meal highly nutritional

All grinding must be done with an earthen ware………….( You must heed to this or the gods of the land would cut off your head)

I talk no more, check it out and whilst u eating, dont forget to say God bless Ghana


Kontomire (Spinach)



Palm Oil

Nkate (Peanut Butter)

Sliced Onions

Green Pepper

I big tomatoe


Boil your kontomire,pepper, tomator and koobi when boiled, drain water

With an earthen ware, grind your pepper,onion and gradually grind in your tomatoe

Throw in your grilled momoni ( YES! the momoni should be grilled, the ashy -ness gives it an awesome taste)

Grin in your boiled kontomire, remember to grind well ( this is a rythmic process, enjoy it)

With a spoon , throw in your peanut butter, you can add more if you love more peanut than kontomire or vice versa

Set aside

Fry your sliced onions in a hot pan filled with palm nut oil ( make sure it does not brown)

Fry your koobi in the red oil and onions but briefly on both sides

Remove your koobi and postion strategically in your earthen ware ( it is a creative process),lol

Pour your oil and onion on top of your Nkate Konto stew

NB: serve with boiled yam or skinny plantain fingers…………..( Skinny like Afia Serwaa Gyasi, this is for always calling me a witch/0

Now , my friend ENJOY!

i told you our fav colors are RED,GOLD AND GREEN………………and this is Sarkodies official welcome meal

One time for your mind


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    my fav local dish 🙂 yummy

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