Cocoyam Veggie Balls

I really do not love Cocoyam; I don’t go gaga over it. Recently I travelled for work to Kumasi and came back with a huge sack of cocoyam, well its kina less expensive there cos it is mostly grown in the Ashanti / Eastern regions of Ghana

Just in case you do know what cocoyam is……………Goggle it!

So as I was saying, nobody in my house boiled, fried or even attempted to grill the cocoyam, then bam! Like magic I had the idea to make some cocoyam balls.

And I would love to share, so here we go………………..


Sliced cocoyam

Chopped carrots, onions and green pepper

Beaten Egg white

Egg yolk


Spices (of your choice)

Bread crumbs

White flour


Bring your cocoyam to boil, when cooked, mash into a semi smooth paste with a masher or a “ tapoli”

Add to your smooth paste, your egg yolk and butter, continuously stir with a spoon to mix all ingredients ( for best results, use your fingers)

Add your chopped “veggies” and mix as well

Roll mixture into cute balls

Dip and cover a ball with flour, then into the beaten egg white and finally cover nicely with bread crumbs

Fry your balls in deep hot oil, remember to lower the fire as it fries but not too low so it does not soak the oil

When fried, remove and put in a drainer

Serve hot with stew and green pepper

Am beat, am off to bed . Don’t forget to holla when you try it at home

The Kids love it! (Add some chopped meat or corned beef for more proteins)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Maame Gyebi - Adomako says:

    I tried this recipe with yam because it’s quite easy to come by, and trust me Sist, it tasted so great. I’m looking forward to more tasty and easy recipes. Cheers!

  2. mukasechic says:

    Awww Maame i so glad u seem satisfied, please dont forget to send me a picture the next time……………..more tasty recipes to come. xoxo

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