The Brownie Battle

hi Guys, I know you have not heard from me in a while.

I have been awfully busy and i miss yall

Today (22nd June 2012) after spending the day with my cousin, i was to spend the evening with Nicki at Movernpik Hotel in Accra for a business Networking party( well sort off)

But when i got home to get ready, i felt the sudden urge to bake. i am an amateur baker with a huge passion

i decided to bake some brownies cos i love them with  ice cream and grated coconut on top. i used one of the World best chocolate – Golden Tree Chocolate from my country Ghana

After making the  brownie mixture, i figured my pan was too huge, so i decided to use my cupcake tins and it turned out dry .

i had a sleepless nite, thinking how to make this better.

I woke up at 5am the next morning ( 23rd June 2012) and tried it again, this time using my pan and twigging a few of the steps and voila, it was awesome!

Dont i love GOD for giving us a thinking mind

The dry cupcake brownies 🙂
if at first u dont succeed try again



Chopped Golden Tree chocolate

Cocoa Powder

Baking powder





Vanilla essence

Mix  your Eggs,vanilla and sugar until fluffy using a mixer

Seperately melt your choclate and butter on a pan with steaming hot water, stir until it melts

Pour chocolate mixture into fluffy egg mixture

When well mixed, pour your flour, salt and baking powder mixture in all at a goal

(Rememeber to sift the flour to give it a fluffy texture especially when using our local flour)

Mix until all is mixed, scrape in the sides of the mixing bowl

If you want to bake it like a cupcake, oil your cupcake tins, dish in your brown choclate mixture and bake for 30 mins

If you have an oven like mine with only high and low , pay attention, but if u have a great oven, bake at 350 degrees

Try this at home, dont be scared if u have not baked before, it all begins with a step


7 Comments Add yours

  1. babynfutro says:

    OH my God!!!! The bite I had was great. Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm…….. Can’t wait to take more bites.

  2. mukasechic says:

    awwww tenk u tenk u, more bites to come

  3. Sharl says:

    If you give me the dry one sef i will still eat it. will just gulp it down with some skinned milk. will try your recipe and get back to you on it.

  4. mukasechic says:

    lol at Sharl……. pls do try and lets share. xoxo

  5. rhita says:

    excellent over here. great recipes

  6. Maame Gyebi - Adomako says:

    Nice one there! Will surely give it a try.

    1. mukasechic says:

      Thanks Maame, pls let me know how it goes

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