Chicken Sauce & Pasta Salad

Sauces are popular in Ghana, well what would you expect when we have an influx of Chinese men and women coming here to work or open up restaurants.

Sauces have traveled from posh restaurants to table top check check joints, mostly the taste differ but its soup-like nature remains the same.

I decided to cook my own version of chicken sauce and spice it with some Kpakposhiti and voila!

It came out great(well that is what Jerry told me)

Accompanying the chicken sauce is white rice and Pasta Salad with Vinaigrette

Enjoy, if i poisoned any one of my guest on the day i cooked this, sorry šŸ˜¦


Spiced cut chicken cubes ( use own spices, remember to tone down on the salty ones)

Vegetable oil

Corn flour & water ( could use normal flour if corn flour is unavailable )

Stripped chopped green pepper

Stripped chopped carrot

Hugely cut onions

Soya Sauce

Chopped Kpakposhito


Place your pan with oil on fire

When heated, add your spiced chopped chicken

Allow to cook for five minutes and add your Ā corn flour and water mixture

Corn flour thickens instantly,but make sure to leave chicken on flour till corn flour is throughly cooked.

Pour in a teaspoon of sauce sauce (Soya sauce gives it a darker colour), sprinkle in your kpakposhito

Pour in your onions, carrots and green pepper.

Leave to sizzle for two minutes

(Remember vegetable in sauce taste better when crisp, so don’t leave on theĀ  fire for too long)

Eat with white rice, jollof, curry rice or fried rice

Remember to eat whilst hot and bite into some kpakposhito

so lets Ā move on to the PASTA SALAD

Cooked pasta

Shredded lettuce

Shredded carrot



Tomatoe (hard and fresh)


White pepper

Olive oil


To prepare the vinaigrette, combine olive oil, white pepper and vinegar in a bowl and gently mix with a fork

To prepare SALAD, arrange lettuce in a plate

Arrange some cooked pasta on your bed of lettuce

Sprinkle your chopped/ grated carrots and cucumber( I like it grated cos it gives it an edgy look)

Top it with some pasta, followed by some more veggies.

Finally arrange with some bright red tomato stripes

Do this strategically, it brings out the colors and i Ā LOVE colors, sue me!

Now pour your vinaigrette over it when you are ready to eat

Try this at home and holla at me……..kiss kiss


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