Koobi Egg Stew


Egg stew is one of the simplest stews ever to be made. It so easy, you don’t even need to prep.  Whilst at home, waiting for my family today, I began to crave egg stew and of course  with koobi (salted dried fish)

My grandpa just sent me a load of cocoyam from his farm so I had mine with boiled cocoyam and it was….AMAZING BALLS. Shaking my head, Chaiiii! !! When food is that good.



4 meduim sliced tomatoes
2 medium sliced onions
2 small sized koobi
1 tbsp red pepper powder or fresh pepper
1 tsp rosemary
2 eggs
1 tbsp oil
Pinch of salt

Recipe (serves 2)

1. Soak koobi in water to remove excess salt and soften it.

2. Add your oil, sliced onions,tomatoes,  pepper,rosemary in a frying pan on medium heat.

3. Stir until tomatoes begin to soften and add koobi.

4. Taste to check salt, if not enough, add your salt and continue to stir


5. Slowly add  your eggs and cover.  Reduce heat.

6. Remove lid and stir. ….stew is ready to eat.

Enjoy with boiled cocoyam, plantain or rice.


Chicken light soup


Chicken light soup is Sunday’s delight. It is that soup that you can smell from afar and tell your friends you have to go home.

That soup that will make you not want to send your friends home.

Try my simple chicken light soup and you will love it. It is easy and uses only fresh ingredients and no puree…. (I never said tomatoe puree isn’t good)

I steam the chicken with salted beef because I love salt and it helps to bring out all the flavours without trying too hard or adding too much

1 pound cut chicken
3 fresh whole tomatoes
1 large onion
2 cups water
1 small cube of tolobeef (salted beef)
4 tablespoon fresh or dry pepper
4 fresh cloves (in every market)
Fresh ginger and garlic paste /powder
Fresh chopped parsley (optional)
2 Maggi boullion


1. Marinate chicken with fresh ginger,garlic,parsley and one Maggi cube.
2. Marinate for 30 minutes
3. Bring chicken and marinate, add 1/2 cup water to steam. Add your salted beef, fresh tomatoe,onions and pepper.

4. When nicely steamed, more water to boil for 35 minutes.
5. Take out your vegetables, blend, sieve and drain back into the soup,add your Maggi boullion,cloves and allow to simmer.

Note: you can add plantain or yam into your soup to cook as seen in the picture above.


Indomie Egg stir fry


I am not a huge fan of indomie, but the few times I ate it, I realized I prefer it dry like the consistency of fried rice and not with all the sardine and bake beans people prepare it with.

When I make and eat indomie, it really means there is nothing else in my fridge, absolutely nothing.

I made this egg stir fry and I did enjoy it and I really hope you do too, after all we can’t waste several minutes of our time on badly cooked indomie 😂😂😂😂😂

If you are not an indomie fan like me,try this you will actually like this. It. Simple, not too spicy and not soggy!!!

Ingredients ( serves 2)

2 packs indomie cooked

2 medium sized eggs

2 medium sized chopped carrots 

1 medium sized chopped green pepper

1/4 diced onions

2 cloves minced garlic

Frying oil 

1 Maggi bouillon (adjust to suit taste)

Drops of Worcester sauce ( you can use soy sauce) 

1/4 tsb of dry red pepper ( you can add chopped fresh pepper)


Heat your oil an pour in your eggs, stir to make scrambled eggs

Pour into the eggs, your garlic, onion, red powdered pepper, carrot and green pepper

Season with your Maggi cube and your worchestire sauce. Stir until vegetable are soft 

Pour in your cooked indomie and stir till combined. Let it cook a bit to et some crunchiness.

Serve and eat with shito not sauce of your choice, and thank me later 😂😂

Oh if you dont know indomie, don’t panic. It’s jut a noddle brand. This is not a sponsored post


Bofrot is the angel of the morning,period!!! The long queues at the bofrot place each morning is a testimony. Ok so if you don’t bofrot,then here it goes! 

Bofrot is a cousin to doughnut and bread. Sweet and yeasty,it is fried in lots of oil to give it its golden brown color (if you hate oil,stop reading please) 

It has lots of relatives, toogbe and clan, but bofrot is the most popular celebrity in the family. My favorite people in the world,Nigerians call it puff puff (yes it sounds like a cartoon name) 

I tried this recipe just a bit differently but it worked so here it goes ; 


3 cups of all purpose flour

1/4 cup sugar 

1 pack yeast (10g) (1 tsp )

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 milk


2 tsp nutmeg ( I love it) 


Big bowl with hot water 

Oil for frying


Recipe (makes 5 medium sized balls) 

Pour your flour in a dry clean bowl

Add your yeast,salt,nutmeg,Baking powder, sugar and stir 

Crack in your egg, milk and mix 

Put your bowl in the bowl of warm water and cover for 5 mins 

Stir and get ready to fry

If you are not good with the hand techique, use an ice cream scoop and carefully put it in the hot oil to fry.

Fill the oil with more batter, it allows the balls to float on to top of the oil (it’s science,I can’t explain)

Continuously check on the Brofrot as it fries pretty fast.

When done, remove and drain.

This is a standard recipe, but lots of ‘jazz’ can be added to it . 

Enjoy with roasted groundnuts, Kooko or coke 😜😜


Turmeric Groundnut Soup 

So I crave all sorts of things when I am home. From pancakes to soft cakes, ice cream and yes yes, I have to stopped there. Oh just so you know, I crave fufu too, on special days. Fufu is celebratory food for me, I eat it when I have a feeling that my million dollar check its on its way, (and it never comes after I eat it) 
It’s hard for me to eat fufu with soup that’s not good, it hurts me. It makes me feel heart broken. Eating with bad soup is wasting minutes of your life you will never get back, anyway back to the reason for the post. 

I made groundnut soup this weekend in my rice cooker and added a dust of tumeric (it’s a powdery spice). The spice makes the soup unforgettable like your first love. It leaves your fingers smelling spicy all day through, remember that goat soup???, yes please!!!! 😂😂😂😂  forget about me, find below the recipe 


Half tomatoe

1 big onion bulb

Handful of pepper

Meat of your choice 


A cup of groundnut paste 

A tsp tomatoe purée 

A tsp blended garlic and ginger

Sprinkle of tumeric

Enough water to cover the ingredients


Mash the groundnut paste in water and pass through a fine sieve

Put all ingredients in the rice cooker or pot and cook until bubbling.

Add your tumeric sprinkle 

Take out the pepper,tomatoe, onion and blend. Pass blend through a fine sieve and pour into soup

Stir and allow to simmer.now how simple is this!! 😘😘

Enjoy with fufu or boiled rice


I am so ashamed of myself, yes I know I have apologized a couple of times but this time, I really mean it.

This is my first 2015 post and definitely not the last. After I lost my phone and camera, it’s been hard to keep up.

So #fitfam is trending and for the wrong and right reasons. Most people want to be healthy these days which is good but social media allows people to jogg for a minute , take pictures of someone’s plate of salad and #fitfam. Oh, please don’t say yes, you also do it. 

But truly, keeping fit should actually be second on our goals , first is knowing God, somebody say ‘Amen’ (back to focus, Jay) being fit is a great present to ourselves, having stamina is the best form your body can be in. But please don’t go to the gym and come home to four balls of kenkey and one small fish. 🙈 . We must eat right, we must learn to have a balance between carbohydrates, proteins and others (I don’t remember them). 

Excercise!!!! Excercise is a lifestyle and recently ‘fashion’ on social media. People film themselves walking to their car and #fitfam. My friend, it is not excercise until you feel like God is testing you (quote by Sharon Mills)

I have joined the obolo movement to eat and excercise, so go on to Instagram and follow (obolo diaries), you will thank me later. It’s an account by a gentleman who documents his efforts in an attempt to get fit, it’s relatable and real. Well, truthfully I have only one reason for joining, to squat and get buttocks like Joselyn Dumas and I am serious!!, she knows it, ask @thinkmahogany

I wrote all this to tell you eat right and excercise, now that’s a killer comeback!! ( how daft!) 😏😏😏 

 This is a picture of Kontomire frittata I made days ago, I will talk about eating right and spending less soon.  xxx

Baked Eggs


Baked eggs have gradually become one of my favorite things, well because I do not have to stand by it to fry…hahaha…no, that’s not true. I always knew the recipe but really never thought it was worthy enough to share until I posted it to instagram and people wanted to try it …. It’s such a free spirited recipe that you can add anything you want in your regular egg….the only difference is, it’s BAKED!! So here you go


Serves                     1 person

Prep time                 3 minutes

Cook time                 2 minutes or more

Total time                 5 minutes

Meal                           Breakfast


2 medium sized eggs

1 tsp. olive oil /cooking oil (For frying pan or brushing muffin tins)

Minced onions

4 fresh basil

Pinch of salt

2 whole cherry tomatoes (You can use normal tomatoes)

½ tsp. crushed white and black pepper

½ red pepper for y Ghanaian palette


Cracks eggs into frying pan with oil (You can use a ramekin)

Lay basil leaves and tomatoes on top

Sprinkle with peppers and salt

Bake eggs at 180 degrees

For 2 minutes or more depending on how you want your eggs


Entrepreneurship 101- When the Egg breaks




Three and a half years ago, I was working at a marketing communications company and was able to save some money to either buy a car or do otherwise, I did otherwise and rented a tiny little garage and turned it into an eatery.

Today I won’t be posting a recipe or telling you about some delicious meal I ate somewhere, today, I would be passing over some life and work lessons. You read my blog all the time, respond to my post and sent me email and text messages, so I think it will be cruel of me not to share what I learn with you.

“When the Egg breaks” and this is definitely not an egg to be used for a cake recipe or fried with vegetables for a Frittata, this egg is the most fragile you would come across ever!!

When I started my business, I was working an 8-6 job at east legon, closing and getting to the eatery was a real rough one. I would get calls from my then manager and chef for permission to buy one ingredient or another or at times, a staff called to report a fight.

Most people certainly think owning a shop, selling any item and making your daily sales makes you an entrepreneur but I strongly beg to differ, having a business is not waking up at 6am and annoyingly walking to the junction or driving your car to the office and hopefully getting the job done.

Today I will share with you some of my mistakes and hopefully you would avoid them to make you a better EP

The line between hobby and business

A hobby could easily turn into a business and vice versa, but this transition share the thinnest line I have ever known. Being passionate about the food business, I had to figure out that I could not handle my business like cooking for a handful of my friends or just making myself a portion meal. The moment you cross that line, you owe your customers MORE! More effort, more taste, more delivery and more reasons to come back.

A business is not a favour to another, you need not think in that coconut head of yours, that you are making mankind a favour, that without your no one will eat or you are the best (allow me to relate it to my field). When a hobby becomes a business, remember you NEED others, you need “these” others to trust you.

As a business, have your house in order, I won’t sit on my badly scattered bed and tell you it’s a one day affair to get the house in shape, it could take forever but do make an effort and it would be worth it

The Big Cs


Hello, is this Jay? Please I would like to order a cake for Saturday

What type and flavour please?

I really don’t know

Ok, what about a chocolate cake with white choc cream?

Hmm, I don’t really like chocolate

Ok what about a red velvet?

Me, I don’t like all this red velvet cakes going around

Then I guess a vanilla should be good?

You know what, I will ask my mum and call you back…….

Customers, they could be the most annoying people in the world to the kindest people but most importantly they are the PEOPLE you need most!!

You cannot be a taxi driver and drive and pay yourself?

You cannot be a bank teller and have only you and your colleagues’ money in the bank

You definitely cannot cook food, eat it yourself and pay…..NOOOOOOOO

Last week, I disappointed a customer of mine and I still beat myself for it. It felt worse than when my first muffin turned out hard as rock, or when I burnt my banana cake. A couple of days later, the costumer openly displayed her disappointment of my action and she definitely had all the rights to.

Treat your customers the way you would want to be treated, it’s not enough to give them a good service ten hours after they need it, it counts to be give good service by good timing. Serving your customer is like seeing your doctor, you cannot serve them if you don’t listen carefully! When you break that egg with your customer, you can’t fix it back…no cello tape or glue will help!

Lead by listening

I do not mean lead by fishing for compliments, you can only be a good leader by listening to the people you truly patronise the service…your CUSTOMERS!

I won’t say I readily like to listen to criticism about my business, it kills my heart, it drains me to hear of a bad experience from a customer and it takes me a while to sink it in, but I have realised how important it is to pick the comment and wake up from the slumber and get to it!

Over the years, I have been eager to explain to customers why their food gets served late, why we don’t have a courier person to deliver our meals? but I began to realise your challenges are not your customers concern but how you solve it. The method of solving makes the customer appreciate the service when they find out later.

When you take that money or not

These days, there are various forms of payment, ½ before service or 30 days after service or the most preferred full before service or the most often used “giving your word”. No matter which option you go for, it’s your responsibility to deliver and deliver on time.

Have I taken money of customers and still delivered poorly—CHECK

Have I done jobs without payment and delivered excellently?—CHECK

Have I waited for more than 30 days for my payment and still waiting—CHECK, but none of these are excuses to make you deliver less than your standard.

As soon as you take any of the above moves, the “event” becomes yours, the wedding is yours, the funereal is yours so you “cant” be late. You have no cause to be? You need to deliver and when you don’t…you have lost your ego, your right and your opportunity. It would be tossed in frying oil and tossed like morning bofrot and guess what? the customer would be right if you put yourself in that position.

I have learnt mine and shared with you, we all have one embarrassing experience to share, but these stories is to make as better EPs, stronger and wiser. It helps us on our feet to fix our houses and make a herd of customers who will come back.

With all this, there is one thing I have learnt, when you break that egg, which you will break once or twice, remember it cannot be put back, but it has a way of giving you back a new window of getting other eggs and this time when you do, you must hold it like it’s your life.

I am young and I am learning….learn with me

I just broke an egg and I don’t like it!


Fried Apple Pie



I go hard on my cravings, but usually when I have an ingredient, I think of something to make with it. Last week, I visited my cousins at Sakumono and my aunty gave me some juicy apples. I am not such a huge fan on chewing so I had to think of what to do with it. Apple crumble…..hmmm yes but then I thought of doing something different and I had dough in the fridge so….

FRIED APPLE PIES…enjoy making it!


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ cup butter/ margarine
  • 4-5 tablespoons ice water (Very old with ice cubes)


  1. In a large bowl, combine the flour and the salt. Cut in very cold butter or margarine with a pastry blender, two forks or your fingers until the mixture resembles a coarse meal.
  2. Do not overwork it, stop it when the mixture resembles coarse sand
  3. Gradually add enough ice water to the mixture and mix until a ball of dough is formed.
  4. Pour the dough onto a lightly floured sheet of plastic wrap and form into a disc. For use later, press dough into a disc and store in freeze.
  5. For immediate use, roll out dough a lightly floured table and roll with a pin.
  6. When rolled, cut the dough in circle or any shape required.

Apple filling


  • 3 cored and chopped apples
  • 3 tablespoon butter
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 3 teaspoon corn flour

On medium heat, cook all ingredients in a pan until apples are soft and almost melting


Take 2 teaspoon of your apple sauce and place in the middle of the dough. Quantity of the sauce depends on the size of the dough, you can make them super cute or jumbo size

Fold dough over sauce and prick with fork for a design at the edges, store in the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up or when you are ready to fry.

Deep fry pies in oil for about 10 minutes on each side, be sure to make sure you don’t burn them.

Remove fried pies and drain in paper towel…sprinkle with cinnamon sugar or plain sugar and take a big bite